The country that issued the order to hang the mask store holders

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After the outbreak of the Corona virus in Iran, the country is facing an ever-increasing shortage of masks and other protective equipment. Iran’s Prosecutor General Mohammad Ali Jafri, on the other hand, has warned that mask storage will be strictly dealt with by the smugglers.
If anyone was found storing or smuggling a mask, he would be hanged. According to report, Prosecutor General Mohammad Ali Jafri responded to the letter of Health Minister Saeed Namaki and wrote that we have received your attention. After the draw, it has decided to take stern action against any lapses or negligence in the matter of public health. He wrote that the makers and collectors of medical goods would not deserve any sympathy. If a person is found guilty of mask storage, he or she deserves the death penalty. He will be executed. He said that masquerading and his smuggling is a crime of the Crimes Act 286 and Islamic sanctions and that such a person will be hanged. Earlier, Minister of Health Saeed Namki wrote a letter. President Rouhani and the prosecutor general had told him that government officials had not done enough to cope with the Corona virus.


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