The best drama of the career Mere pass tum ho, Hira Mani

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Mere pass tum ho was one of the best dramas of my career, which made me laugh at the heights of fame, said actress Hira Mani, who played the role of Haniya in the blockbuster drama serial Mere pass tum ho in Pakistan TV history. In response to a question, Hira Mani said that the way the audience played this play, I was impressed with the thoughts and comments I received about it, in which they appreciated not only the whole play but also the role of my wife. Thank you so much to the people for giving such love and affection. Akara did justice to his role. I too acted in the role of Haniya as the rating of this drama kept looking like it would be top of the blockbuster dramas. Hira Mani said that I am glad I did the drama. Be part of history, I will laugh and accept such productions and do my best for acting.


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