Petrol price to drop by Rs 27? Prime Minister of Pakistan has issued special instructions

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Prime Minister gives special directive to reduce petrol price, Briefing on auxiliary special petroleum petrol, diesel, gas pricing method, order to prepare comprehensive roadmap for reducing petrol, diesel, gas prices soon. According to details, a meeting was held under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Imran Khan regarding petrol and gas prices.
During the meeting, Assistant Special Petroleum was briefed the Prime Minister on the method of pricing petrol, diesel, gas. The Prime Minister was also briefed on the agreements made by the rulers of the past. Auxiliary Special has proposed to the Prime Minister to reduce the prices of petrol, diesel, gas, stability and reduction. After taking the briefing, the Prime Minister said that a roadmap for reducing petrol, diesel, gas prices should be set up soon. Every option to provide relief to will be considered. The long-term agreements of the rulers of the past have brought burdens on the people, but despite all these factors, the government cannot remain silent on the problems of the people. Every effort is made to reduce the cost of electricity gas and give relief to the salaried. The government recognizes that the low-income and the salaried segment are suffering. Our main objective is to provide public relief as much as possible. It should be noted here that in the past few weeks, global oil prices have dropped by about 30% and if this calculates the reduction in prices of petroleum products in Pakistan, then petrol in Pakistan 27 The price of petrol can be up to Rs 90 per liter, followed by the price of petrol at Rs 90 per liter, while the price of high-speed diesel is likely to drop to Rs 29 per liter, followed by the high-speed diesel at Rs 98 per liter. May be.


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