Mahathir Mohammed announced the resignation of the Prime Minister

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Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammed has announced his resignation. According to details, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammed has announced that he will resign in November 2020. He says that I will resign at the Asia-Pacific Cooperation Summit, the private channel reports claiming that Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed made the decision on the advice of Awami Justice Party Chairman Anwar Ibrahim. My decision is an old one that I mentioned earlier. Also worth considering
Mahathir Mohammed’s Harapan party came to power in 2018, after which he had signed an agreement with Anwar Ibrahim that he would entrust him to the post of Prime Minister.

However, no period was specified. The Malaysian Prime Minister said that whatever decision the ruling coalition will make, he will resign in November. To be clear, Prime Minister Imran Khan recently visited Malaysia. There was also a Social Security Agreement between Pakistan and Malaysia. After that, Pakistanis in Malaysia will be given all the services that Malaysia provides to its citizens. It is reported that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to Malaysia has been a successful visit to Pakistan. Explaining the details, he said that a social security agreement has been signed between Pakistan and Malaysia, after which all the facilities will be provided to the 82,000 Pakistanis living in Malaysia. There will be registration in National Security after which they will be given an official number. However, now Mahathir Muhammad has announced the resignation of the Prime Minister.


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