Corona virus infected in Pakistan, how many Pakistanis are affected and from where?

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Corona virus infected in Pakistan, how many Pakistanis are affected and from where? – Health Minister Dr Zafar Mirza confirmed – Karachi resident Yahya Jafri arrived in Karachi by plane from Iran. Medical examination confirmed the Corona virus. On the other hand, Dr. Zafar Mirza also confirmed the virus in two Pakistanis. According to sources, a Karachi youth has been confirmed with the Corona virus.

The Health Department of Sindh has said that the 22-year-old Yahya Jaffrey went to Iran from where he returned by plane. Sindh Department says the young man, Yahya Jafri, has been placed in the intensive care ward of a private hospital where he is being provided medical care. Health Minister Dr. Zafar Mirza confirmed in his tweet two persons infected with the Corona virus in Pakistan. However, he said both cases are under medical supervision and his condition is now better. There is no need to panic in this situation, the situation is under control, he said. In this regard, I will hold an important press conference on the return from inspection. A patient with the Corona virus has also been exposed at PIMS Hospital in Islamabad. The patient is from Gilgit-Baltistan and came to Pakistan from Iran. The patient is placed in the isolation ward of PIMS. A spokesman for PIMS Hospital confirmed the presence of the patient, saying that the results of the Corona virus had been positive in Raza Hussain, a resident of Skardu. The patient traveled to Iran a month ago, but her condition is out of danger. It is to be noted that Pakistan has closed the border in addition to banning in and out of Iran to prevent the Corona virus. The meeting was chaired by the Chief Secretary last week. Dr Zafar Mirza said that tests of two Pakistanis have come positive. I confirm this. Both victims came from Qom, Iran. However, both are still at an early stage. One of them is from Sindh while the other is from the tribal area. The condition of both patients is out of danger. Spokesman Balochistan Liaquat Shahwani said in a statement that the government could not allow visitors to go through the Tuftean border. Unless clearance comes from Iran, visitors will not be allowed to leave. It has informed the federal and provincial governments of this decision. Now no one from Balochistan will be able to cross the Iran border. He said all these steps were taken in Iran because of the Corona virus. The Corona virus is spreading rapidly in Qom, Iran, he said. In view of this situation, we have closed the border with Iran for all transportation. Doctors, including staff, have been deployed at five entry points with Iran. In case of return visitors will be allowed to go home after being kept under surveillance for fourteen days. According to the spokesman of the Balochistan government, Liaquat Shahwani, the movement on the Pak-Iran border has been stopped. A 100-bed camp hospital has been set up in the border area of Taftan. Heavy duty generators, water supply system, 2 mobile office units, 4 mobile containers, team of doctors, 10 ambulances, 10 thousand masks have also been delivered to the tent hospital. There are between 300 and 700 people a day between Pakistan and Iran. Balochistan Minister for Education Sardar Yar Mohammad Rind has said that it has been decided to close all educational institutions in the province by March 15. He said that all government institutions, madrassas and private educational institutes in the province will be closed, however the examinations will continue as per the schedule for protecting the children from Corona virus. Spokesman Sindh Government Murtaza Wahab has said that the data is being collected with the visiting person Yahya Jafri coming from Iran who will be screened while the affected person is in the intensive care room of the hospital. A team of specialist doctors is examining it. Murtaza Wahab said there was no need to panic or panic over the situation. Passenger arrivals from countries affected by all airports require strict screening. It is the federal government’s job to screen travelers. The federal government should make arrangements to control the situation. He said that the health department has been fully functional. Sindh government is taking necessary steps to prevent Corona virus. Meanwhile, the death toll from the Corona virus in China has risen to 52,000, with more than 40,000 deaths worldwide. According to the World Health Organization, the Corona virus-poor countries need to take effective measures. So far the death toll in South Korea is eleven while the number of victims is 1146. At least ten people have been killed in Italy and 300 are victims. There is a lockdown in Eleven Towns in Italy. Fifteen people have been killed in Iran while one hundred have been affected in Iran. Iran’s Deputy Minister of Health, Arize Harari, also fell victim to the attack. There are reports that Corona has been diagnosed with US troops in South Korea. According to medical experts, Corona is an outbreak of virus that transmits easily into another human being. There is no cure for the Corona virus, but it can be avoided with caution. Usually the person is transferred to a specific ward and is treated symptomatically. Because a person infected with the Corona virus has severe breathing difficulties that provide immediate oxygen. Other people should use masks to keep the virus safe, wash hands thoroughly, and When coughing and sneezing, use tissue paper that changes immediately. If the tissue is not paper, use an elbow. By taking precautionary measures, Crohn’s virus can be protected.


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